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Futura® Pro from Ultratone

At Physicians Weight Loss of Columbia, Maryland, we are proud to offer our clients Ultratone Futura® Pro, which uses ultrasound followed by muscle stimulation. This provides immediate results of slimming and shaping the body.

Futura Pro works by using bioptic impulses to break down cellulite, reduce stretch marks, and evacuate fatty deposits. You can look for the following slimming results:

Immediate Loss of Inches

After only one treatment, clients may see a reduction in the inches around the area being treated. This is because the Futura Pro's rotating waveforms and signals remove extra fluid, compress fat, and tighten muscles, showing immediately noticeable results.

Slimming and Weight Loss

The Futura Pro's bioptic stimulating revs up the metabolism, resulting in excess fat being burned away while the body is reshaped, loose skin tightened, and sagging muscles toned.

Reduces Cellulite

The Futura Pro helps to break down both hard and soft cellulite, removing it through the blood and lymph system while also making it available to the muscles.

Fat to Muscle

The Futura Pro can reduce fat and increase muscle tone in problem areas of the body where there are fat deposits rather than muscle.

Postnatal Slimming

After childbirth, the Futura Pro is perfect for slimming and toning troublesome body parts.

To learn more about Futura Pro from Ultratone at Physicians Weight Loss Centers, download our brochure.

Ultratone Futura Pro Before & After Pictures

Reduce Fat and Tone Muscle with Ultratone Futura Pro at Physician Weight Loss in Columbia, Maryland

To learn more about Futura Pro in Columbia, Maryland, contact Physicians Weight Loss today at (410) 309-6570, or you can use our convenient online request form to schedule a free consultation.

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