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Juice Cleanse:  Fact or Fiction?

Juice Cleanse: Fact or Fiction?

by Yenny (SU)
It used to be gourmet coffee. Then high-priced coconut and cucumber water. Now, it’s people proudly sauntering about with cups of frothy green juice. Juice shops rapidly are replacing coffee shops as the place to be. Additionally, many health-conscious shoppers are foregoing solid foods for the promise of eradicating toxins, losing weight and packing in more nutrients – all through a straw. But, are these juice concoctions all they’re hyped up of to be – especially those that promise to cleanse your toxins (and add to your spirit!). Let’s take a close look at the juice cleanse – fact or fiction?

Why You Need Medical Management for Your Juice Cleanse

Why You Need Medical Management for Your Juice Cleanse

by Shearly (SU)
A juice cleanse can provide a lot of health benefits, especially if you are making a big change in your eating habits and lifestyle. Juice cleansing can give your diet a boost, make you feel light and energetic, and break some really bad habits with food and drinks. But with all the varying or misleading advice that can be found on the internet, it is important to have medical management for your juice cleanse.