Benefits of B-12 Injections

Benefits of B-12 Injections

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

B-12 is found naturally in the foods we eat. Meat, eggs, dairy, and fish all contain vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin. It is essential to the production of red blood cells and metabolism. Without B-12, your nervous system won’t function properly. Unfortunately, 40 percent of Americans have a B-12 deficiency and are missing out on the vitamin’s many benefits. 

Some people are genetically predisposed to have a B-12 vitamin deficiency, according to Harvard School of Public Health researchers, the National Cancer Institute, and Tufts University. The combined research team identified a gene they called FUT1 (fucosyltransferase 1). The FUT1 gene appears to affect B-12 levels in the blood and stifles the good effects of the vitamin.

Do I Have a B-12 Deficiency?

If you’re constantly fatigued or often feel lethargic, then you may have a B-12 vitamin deficiency. Fatigue and lethargy are only two of multiple symptoms associated with a B-12 deficiency. If you notice a decrease in your cognitive function, often have headaches, ulcers in the mouth, changes in your eyesight, have difficulty balancing, feel depressed and irritable, or often feel faint then definitely speak with your health care provider about the benefits of B-12 injections.

Anemia is often associated with a B-12 deficiency. One of the most important roles that B-12 plays in the body is to help form red blood cells, which allow the body to absorb iron. Without sufficient B-12, iron absorption is reduced and can lead to anemia. 

Other symptoms of a B-12 vitamin deficiency include heart palpitations, and a sore tongue, which might swell and take on a pale color or become very red. Constipation and a feeling of pins and needles could also occur. 

Your Treatment Options

Treating low levels of vitamin B-12 will help your body convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. Your doctor may prescribe B-12 supplemental injections to get you back on track to better metabolism and restored health. You should notice an increase in your energy level as your body becomes more efficient at metabolizing the foods you eat.

Injections are much more effective than oral supplements. Taking B-12 orally means the vitamin is subject to the digestive process, with the body absorbing only about 20 percent of the supplement. B-12 injections, on the other hand, bypass all that, directly entering the bloodstream and becoming immediately available for the body’s use.

B-12 and Weight Loss

Treating a B-12 vitamin deficiency almost always results in losing weight. This is because the increased metabolism offered by B-12 supplementation speeds up the body’s ability to turn fat into energy to improve your ability to drop pounds. 

For patients with a B-12 deficiency who are also seeking to lose weight, lipotropic B-12 injections combine B vitamins that aid metabolism with amino acids (the lipotropic compounds) that boost liver function, resulting in improved energy levels. The amino acids help to purify the liver so it can perform a more efficient job of metabolizing fat and clearing  toxins from the body.

B-12 lipotropic injections can leave you feeling brighter and more energetic.

Sometimes good old-fashioned willpower just isn’t enough to lose stubborn pounds, especially when there’s a B-12 deficiency working against you. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers, we can help you change that. We combine B-12 injections with a well-balanced weight loss program that’s right for you. Our fat-burning lipotropic B-12 injections will help you to lose the pounds in a safe and healthy way.  

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