Do Metabolic Cleanses Work?

Do Metabolic Cleanses Work?

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

If you are looking to lose weight, fix a digestive issue, or stop constantly feeling bloated, it may be time for a metabolic cleanse. A metabolic cleanse is a technique that helps to increase your metabolism.

Your metabolism is the way your body processes calories and the food you eat, so it’s very important in maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body.

A slow metabolism can cause a lot of problems, such as constipation, bloating, and headaches, as well as depression and dry skin. But did you know that a slow metabolism can make weight loss more difficult even if you are eating and exercising in all the right ways?


What’s Wrong With a Slow Metabolism?

A slow metabolism can interfere with weight loss, and so a metabolic cleanse can help improve these two issues:

Slow Calorie Burn Rate

A slow metabolism causes your body to burn calories at a slower rate than what is possible. Therefore, the calories require more work to be metabolized by your body – and it takes a longer time than necessary to burn those calories. 

In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you are consuming, and the metabolism must work efficiently.


A slow metabolism can cause chronic fatigue, so you feel lethargic and tired all day – even after a good night’s sleep. If you feel tired and just want to sit or lie down even after doing very little physical activity, a slow metabolism may be the reason behind the tiredness.

Fatigue gets in the way of living an active lifestyle, which is essential for healthy weight loss. Fatigue will prevent you from going to the gym, taking a hike with the kids, or simply being more active around the house. 

Without using up adequate calories through physical activity, you will have difficulty trying to lose the weight you want to get rid of.


Does a Metabolic Cleanse Help You Lose Weight? 

An efficient metabolism is essential for your health – not just for weight loss. A metabolic cleanse can help speed up your metabolism so you can benefit from a faster caloric burn rate, higher energy, less bloating, and regular bowel movements to cleanse your system.

It can also make your skin, nails, and hair healthier. All of these factors play into your health and weight loss. If your body isn’t healthy, it will be harder for you to shed those unwanted pounds.

With cleanses and detoxification becoming more and more popular, you could find hundreds of different products to try. Not everything will work for you, and not everything is safe.

Before beginning any type of cleanse or detox, talk to a qualified doctor to ensure you are doing it in the healthiest way possible. A physician will analyze your medical history and medical needs, and will have knowledge and experience monitoring patients who do metabolic cleanses.


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