What Can You Drink to Detox Your Body?

What Can You Drink to Detox Your Body?

by Crystal (SU)

A detox is a flush your system of toxin and waste build up. A detox can help boost your energy, flush out your digestive system, kick start weight loss, and improve your health. There are many ways to do a detox but a popular and easy way to do this is through natural drinks. Lots has been written about pricey “Hollywood” detoxes, but some of the most effective, holistic detox drinks can be made from ingredients you probably have right now in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some easy-to-make drinks you can use to detox your body.

Lemon and Cucumber Water

Lemon and cucumber water is a satiating and refreshing drink that reminds us of summer but can be consumed year round. Not only is it great to keep you cool in hot weather, it’s a great way to detox your body! Lemon and cucumber both have detoxification properties. Both lemons and cucumbers help cleanse the liver and lemons are great for flushing out your digestive system. Start out the day on an empty stomach with a warm cup of water with lemon. Then, for the rest of the day, sip water with lemon and cucumber pieces. This will help keep you hydrated and the amazing properties in the lemon and cucumber will help detox you.

Ginger Tea or Ginger Water

Ginger is an extremely healthy root that has a plethora of health benefits. One of them is helping you detox.  With its natural detoxifying properties, ginger makes a great way to detox by stimulating your digestive system and helping to cleanse your organs. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can use ginger to detox. First, you can make ginger tea. This is a rich and aromatic warm drink you can sip in the morning and evening that tastes great and helps boost your digestive system to trigger detoxification. You can also add ginger to the water you sip throughout the day.

Herbal Teas

There are a lot of herbal teas that promote health by aiding in detoxification. Some examples of teas with detoxification properties are red clover (contains high antioxidant compounds), chicory (helps remove toxins from body by boosting metabolism), and dandelion (high in enzymes). You can even use a variety of teas throughout the week to enjoy new flavors of tea and get the benefits of a variety of different herbs. But remember, because many herbal teas also have strong medicinal properties, it is always best to speak with your doctor or pharmacist so that your tea doesn’t interfere with any medications you are taking for a health condition. Likewise, be wary of “cleansing” teas such as Senna, which serves as a powerfully strong laxative and can cause gas and cramping.

Thinking of detoxing? To prevent any side effects and ensure you get the full benefits of a detox, get medical advice before starting. Depending on your health, medical conditions, and needs, your doctor may suggestion an alternative way to detox.

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