Tips to Overcome Common Weight Loss Barriers

Tips to Overcome Common Weight Loss Barriers

by Yenny (SU)

If only losing weight was as easy as gaining it! Losing weight can be a difficult task and rarely goes as planned. That’s why it’s important to prepare for roadblocks so you know how to overcome them before they set you off course. Below are some common weight loss barriers and what you can do to overcome them.

I don’t have time to cook

Who isn’t busy these days? And what could be more convenient than passing through a drive-thru to grab a little something to tide you over until the next hunger pang hits? For those of us with little time to spare, cooking healthy meals can seem a lot more time consuming than grabbing a granola bar. However, you can take steps to make this process easier. First, plan out your meals for a week ahead of time. Then look up recipes according to the amount of time you have every night. Many fabulous, healthy meals can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. If you have one night where you have a little spare time, consider prepping a larger batch of a favorite meal (say, a stew) and freeze what is left over in meal-size ziplocks or containers. Second, create a shopping list before heading to the grocery store. Once you have all of the ingredients at home, it’ll be easier for you to cook meals every night because you won’t have to make multiple trips to the store for items you need. The key is to plan ahead. Like everything else in your busy schedule, cooking healthy meals will require you to block out time out of your day. It’s not as hard as you think if you prioritize or multi-task.  Although it may seem difficult, if you plan this ahead of time and choose meals with short prep times, it’s completely doable! (Fun tip:  take complete inventory of your pantry, freezer, and fridge and try to create recipes from these foods. Not only will you be doing a little purging, you will be making space for the good foods you can grab and go now that you have space!)

Water makes me bloated

Just stop right there. Remember, water actually flushes your body of waste, and hydrates your system to function properly. Sipping water throughout the day is a secret weapon to weight loss. Avoid energy drinks totally, and don’t rely on soda, coffee or fruit juices to replace what water can do. Remember, caffeine serves as a diuretic, and fruit juices are loaded with sugar (and sometimes artificial colors or flavor). Stick to nature’s miracle drink, water.

Fasting will help me lost weight faster

There is a common misconception that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, if you starve yourself your body thinks in terms of famine, and actually stores the fat for a rainy day.  You can outsmart your body and lose weight by eating more, as long as you balance your calorie intake and outtake every day. Remember, losing weight is all about the numbers. If you put more calories into your body than you end up using, you will gain weight. If you use more calories during the day than you are consuming, you will lose weight. If you don’t want to go hungry, be sure to eat a sensible breakfast, lunch and dinner, and always keep healthy, low-calorie snacks handy. But not so fast – remember that not all numbers are equal. For example, a hard-boiled egg has as many calories as a tiny piece of fudge. Balance those numbers with nutritional value for a diet double punch.

There is an app for that…

If you have hit a plateau and are doing everything right, why not keep track and see where you might be able to accelerate your progress? There are many free apps and web sites where you can not only record your food intake, calories and carbs, but also, log in your steps. By setting a goal and following your status daily, you will be able to identify tiny habits that add up to set you back. Plus, you may be walking more than you think! You most likely are on your phone throughout the day; why not use it as a weight loss tool, personal trainer, and motivation coach?

Exercise is boring

Exercise is a very important component of losing weight. It speeds up your metabolism, makes you stronger, and boosts the rate at which you lose weight. However, many people argue that exercise can be boring. If this applies to you, don’t worry. Exercise doesn’t have to be running endless miles on a treadmill or feeling the burn in a weight room. The point is to move your body so you burn calories as fuel. If you don’t like going to the gym, go for a walk or run outside. Play a sport that you enjoy like tennis or basketball. Take ballroom dance lessons. Or simply park your car at the far end of the lot to get your steps in. Focus on the end result and find ways to reach it. Don’t give up!

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