How Lipotropic Injections Help Stubborn Fat Disappear

How Lipotropic Injections Help Stubborn Fat Disappear


Losing weight and keeping it off can be a struggle for many people. Taking all of the necessary steps to feel comfortable in your skin and get the body that you have always wanted can become quite frustrating. The fact is, that over time, many dieters unfortunately regain most of the weight they have lost.

Diet programs are not always reliable, and what you see on television and read in magazines may not be as realistic as they seem. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who plan to go on a diet, statistics do not seem to weigh in your favor. This isn’t breaking news, as doctors know that know yo-yo and crash dieting is linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, inflammation, and, ironically, gaining more weight. Yet, these ineffective treatments are still pushed on you, insisting they will make you not just thinner, but healthier. In reality, 97 percent of dieters regain everything they lost. If only there were programs and routines out there that actually worked.

Your body requires vitamins and nutrients to stimulate the right hormones to function correctly, so it can let go of the fat stores it’s been holding onto. Lipotropic injections boost these essential nutrients, and may be the answer for you. The stimulating factors in this process are the vitamins and nutrients being injected. You probably didn’t know that just a little more nutrients in the body could make such a decisive difference in weight loss, helping you fit back into your favorite pair of jeans!

What are Lipotropic Injections?

A Lipotropic injection contains a solution of lipotropic nutrients that are made up of one or more of the following fat burning compounds: choline, inositol, methionine, amino acids, vitamin b12 and other vitamins and minerals. Each of these properties are important, providing a key role in utilizing fat, distributing energy, and removing unwanted toxins from the body.

Many medical weight loss programs, medical professionals, fitness and health trainers, and nutritionists implement lipotropic shots into their patient’s and client’s health routine to aid in losing weight, and to provide numerous other benefits that comes from a healthy blast of nutrients.

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections:

·         Reduce stored fat

·         Enhances metabolism to improve fat burning

·         Improves mood and mental clarity

·         Increase energy levels

·         Improves liver and gallbladder function

·         Provides essential nutrients

·         Preserves lean body tissue (muscle)

How to use lipotropic injections:

Lipotropic injections are intramuscular (IM) injections administered in the hip, upper arm, buttock or thigh. The buttock is the least sensitive injection area, and the thigh is most accessible for those injecting themselves. Injection sites should be varied in order to prevent scarring and excessive sensitivity in the injected muscle.

All lipotropic injections have been produced for the express purpose of promoting weight loss. While you can get different types of lipotropic shots, they all contain a combination of various lipotropic nutrients needed to reduce stubborn fat and boost your metabolism. These weight loss injections should be used in conjunction with a healthy weight loss diet and exercise, in order to give you the best results possible. It is important to note that if you are still eating more calories than you burn, you will continue to gain weight.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers wants to change the stigma surrounding weight loss programs, so If you’re ready to get rid of that stubborn fat, give your body what it’s craving: consider lipotropic injections. Call Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers at (410) 449-7820 to request a consultation, and find out if this method is right for you.