Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing for Your Body Type


If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, you may find yourself needing a whole new wardrobe to fit your slim figure. We all want to feel and look our best, but not everything looks good on every body.  Women have many different body types, and buying clothes becomes a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. The goal is to balance your overall figure and accentuate your best assets, which may be your long legs, your tiny waist, or your curves. 

Remember that there is no "best" or "worst" body type. A certain type may be fashionable for a period in time, but this does not mean your body type is "bad". All body types have pros and cons, and it is important to note that what you see in magazines or on television is not always realistic. Everyone has their own unique style, and the clothes you wear can be a reflection of your beautiful personality.

Are you shaped like an apple, pear, hourglass, or rectangle?

Find your body type below to get tips on how to dress to impress!

Apple Shape (Round/top heavy)

If you have an apple-shaped body, then your body is "top heavy," meaning you have a wide torso, a full bust, waist, and upper back, with a minimal waistline. It is important to lengthen your body.

What to wear:

-          Work on accentuating your curves, and draw attention away from your midsection. Try a structured jacket with a dress.

-          Go for monochromatic looks, like black and grey or beige and white

-          Avoid wearing shapeless tops and bottoms that may be baggy or unfitted.

-          Pick v-neck tops instead of scoop neck to create the illusion of a longer torso

-          Wear shorter skirts to show off your legs, and draw attention away from your midsection

Inverted Triangle or Wedge Shape (Broad shoulders, narrow hips)

The inverted triangle body type is the most athletic-looking silhouette among the different body shapes, with broad shoulder and long legs. The aim is to create balance with the upper and lower body by creating the impression of a wider bottom and drawing attention away from the upper body.

What to wear:

-          Balance broad shoulders with a narrower lower body to create more of an hourglass shape. Try a wrap style tops or dress. 

-          Look for A-line skirts, which will enhance your lower body and help balance your upper body.

-          Fit and flare dresses look great on this shape as well.

-          If you like stripes, wear horizontal lines on bottom and vertical lines on top.

-     Avoid drawing attention to shoulders or waist.

-     Pick v-neck tees instead of scoop neck.

Pear shape (wide hips/bottom, narrow shoulders)

Women with a pear-shaped body have hips, thighs, and sometimes a behind this is most noticeable. Balance your figure by accentuating the top half of your body.

What to wear:

-          Avoid drawing attention to your bottom by wearing tight skirts, but fit and flare dresses work perfectly.  They fit snug on top, accentuate your tiny waste, the drape outwards below the waist.

-          Wear straight or bootcut jeans. Dark jeans will give the illusion of slimmer hips and butt.

-          Avoid spaghetti-strap tops.

-          Try a cropped jacket to create the illusion of longer legs.

Hourglass shape (curvy on top and bottom)

With an hourglass figure, your hip and bust measurements are usually equal, with a narrow waist. In order to dress for the hourglass body shape, your goal should be highlighting your curves. Don’t hide them, and find clothing that shows off your body. We

What to wear:

-          Wear fitted clothing that enhances your natural figure.

-          Asymmetrical designs will not be flattering – avoid those.

-          Choose tops with a round or deep-cut neckline.

-          Look for tailored blazers and jackets

-          Straight, pencil skirts would look great.

-          As for dresses, wrap dresses would look nice. 

-          Avoid tapered skirts and trousers.

Straight or Rectangle Shape (not curvy):

Your shape isn’t as curvy as the pear or apple body types.  Your waist, hip, and shoulder measurements are very similar.  The key to dressing a straight body type is to add curves on top and bottom, and enhance your waist.

What to wear:

-          Look for tops that will add curves to your upper half and create a more defined waist. A sweetheart neckline or scoop neck will look great. 

-          A pencil skirt with a little slit shows off your legs and adds visual interest.  

-          A great alternative to a dress for a rectangle-shaped body would be the crop top and skirt sets that are currently on trend.

-          Do not wear baggy pants.

-          Try wearing a jacket that fastens with a tie belt or sash to create a defined waistline.

-          Slightly flared pants can also add shape to your waist.

-          Avoid straight mini-skirts.

In a world of ever-changing trends, knowing what to wear to flatter your shape can be a challenge. Change your fashion to what you feel looks good on your body. Fashion is like a tool. If you are confident and like what you are wearing, it can leave you with a positive mindset, and you are ready anything!