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Weight Loss and Body Shaping in
Columbia, Maryland

Welcome to Physicians Weight Loss Centers

Do you struggle with a weight problem? Have you tried dieting, only to gain back the weight you lost? Are you ready to lose weight, but need help? Physicians Weight Loss in Columbia, Maryland, is medically based, medically supervised, and guaranteed to get results. In fact, over the past 32 years, Physicians Weight Loss has successfully helped over 3 million people lose over 55 million pounds! Our weight loss doctors and staff will guide and support you each step of the way while you lose weight.

At Physicians Weight Loss, our comprehensive program includes a number of weight loss techniques, such as vitamin supplements,lipotropic  B-12 injections,  nutrition and exercise programs, nutrition counseling and meal planning, and long-term weight loss maintenance. In fact, if you join our program we will include one year of free weight loss maintenance!

We also offer body slimming services, including ZERONA® laser body slimming and contouring; Venus Freeze®, to change your shape; Lipo-Light, with one-treatment results; and Ultratone, for immediate slimming and shaping.

You can successfully lose weight and get healthy! To learn more, call Physicians Weight Loss in Columbia, Maryland at (410) 309-6570 or request a consultation online today!


 *Disclaimer: the results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Losing more than 2 lbs. per week is not recommended. Follow the PWLC medically supervised program and include regular exercise. Individual results can and will vary.

Physicians Weight Loss in Columbia, Maryland is medically supervised weight management program. Our weight loss doctors offer a variety of resources to help you lose weight and get healthy including vitamins, B12 injections, HCG diet, nutrition and exercise program, long-term weight loss maintenance and weight loss products.  Nonsurgical body slimming and body contouring procedures to help tighten loose, sagging skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, get rid of fatty deposits and cellulite, improve muscle tone for an overall smoother, healthier body. We serve Columbia, Maryland and surrounding areas of Baltimore, Cantonsville and the Washington D.C metro area.